Metal Tubes


Commodity Asset Management is a specialized industrial commodities focused asset manager, founded by alumni of Marc Rich & Co. Our principal mission is to deliver consistent absolute returns to our investors, and to uphold our core values of integrity, discipline, intellectual honesty, and grit.
Commodity Asset Management maintains proprietary relationships across the industrial commodities value chain, allowing the firm to target the most attractive, risk-adjusted investment opportunities in the sector. We aim to produce sustainable returns for our partners by utilizing the intelligence received through our personally and professionally-derived networks, as well as alternative data sources. We believe that an understanding of the physical supply and demand dynamics, coupled with the ability to express views through financial markets, creates attractive investment opportunities. We adhere to strict stop-loss parameters to mitigate downside risk in the inherently volatile instruments we trade.

Integrity – Our team is comprised of individuals who are fair and respectful, and who are empowered to contribute views and opinions. Integrity guides employees when confronted by the unexpected, for which no rules exist.

Discipline – We believe that superior risk-adjusted returns can be achieved by the use of thoughtful, targeted hedging strategies and diversification. No individual or firm is smarter than the market.

Intellectual Honesty – We are bold and agile thinkers, challenging the status quo in our pursuit of excellence and search for truths. We work relentlessly to innovate through healthy debate, rigorous research, and testing.

Grit – We have unbridled passion for markets, and approach our business as entrepreneurial owners, not employees. We maintain our determination over long periods, even when met with adversity.